Monday, September 29, 2014

Surgery for my birthday

     Soo this was a busy week. I got transferred to Sao Sebastiao. This place is sick. Its right on the ocean and a bunch of people live on the mountains cause its kind of a valley thing and you can see all of the ships and just the horizon and the ocean just goes for forever and its just sick. But it took us about 3 days to get here. Pretty frustrating.
      We couldnt figure out where the keys to our house were so we were stuck sleeping in the office for about 3 days so that was fun. But we finally made it after a 5 hour bus ride. But this place is awesome. I like it a lot. Its a lot cleaner and nicer than vila aurea and there are some rich places right on the beach and its just a way cool place. Our church is literally about 30 feet away from the ocean. Its a converted mansion on the beach and there is a pool in the backyard where we baptize people. 
     My companion is a lot better than my last one. I like him a lot. But in other worse news we went to the doctor this morning and found a giant cyst in my mouth. Because of the infection. So he stuck a syringe in it and drained it out and it hurt freakin bad and we have to go back tomorrow. He said he is going to have to remove it surgically. Hence the 100$ I took out of the account. Sorry about that but we have to pay for some x rays and some medication and other stuff and its going to be about 100 us dollars. But I have to get surgery on my mouth. In Brasil. Yay. So Ill let you know how that goes. 
     I will try and let you know how that goes as soon as possible.. But yeah tomorrow is not going to be fun. The first time I ever get surgery is in Brasil....But the guy seems to know what he is doing and he speaks english so thats good because I dont know very many medical terms in portuguese.
 I forgot it was my birthday tomorrow until I saw your email. Happy birthday to me I guess...But Im really far away from the office now but we have a zone meeting on tomorrow so hopefully the zone leaders grabbed my package this week sometime. It might be there. I did a little math and I dont think it will be there for a couple more weeks but Ill cross my fingers. I have a bunch of pictures but everywhere I go they have the computers pretty well locked down so you cant really use flash drives and stuff. Its annoying.
 But I will try some other places and try and send some. But anyway I like the new area and everything! I just want to get these next couple of days over with.....But I hope you get feeling better soon! Infections suck. Apparently they can turn into giant cysts in your mouth. But other than that everything is good! Ill let you know how that goes! I love you! Have a great week! Tell everyone hi!
Love Colton

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