Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Area.... New Companion...

      So today is my last day in this area. I'm going to Sao Sebastian. So the only things I've heard about this area are that it is one of the most beautiful areas in the mission and its right on the beach. And its a rich people area so stuff is going to be a little more expensive but hopefully since the people there have actual money they won't be wanting to steal my stuff and I can take some pictures and stuff. I am super excited.

      But it's a 3 hour bus ride from Santos which is where I will be staying for the next 3 days because we have a conference in a couple of days. And I'm already here so it would be stupid to go all the way there and just come back. But I'm super excited. I talked to my new companion and he's brazilian but I already forgot his name. But he seemed pretty cool. I realllly hope so. But as it turns out he has about the same amount of time on the mission as me. A little bit less. But he is my "trainer". So this should be interesting. But if hes cool I don't even care. It will be alright. Everyone is just very confused as to why I'm going to finish my training with some kid with about the same time as me.

     But I was talking to one of the elders and he said sometimes when greeniesaring good they end up together. I don't really know why. But I guess we're going to learn pretty quick. We don't really have a choice. We'll just have to see I guess. But yeah he's technically "finishing my training" but the only thing he has on me is the language. But I'm excited! Getting there is going to be an adventure. A member is going to help me get my bags to santos and I will take the bus there. But as for getting them to Sao Sebastian that should be interesting. Oh well. Adventures are good. But yeah just wrapping things up in ol Vila Aurea! Pretty excited about that...But this is going to be a super busy week! I'm excited! But I love you and I hope you have great week! Tell everybody hi and I love them!
Love Colton

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