Monday, September 15, 2014

Transfer maybe??

Helloooo! This week has been a pretty good one. We have taught a lot of lessons and planned lots of activities for the ward and lots of other missionary stuff.  But no baptisms or anything. I don't think we are going to have one this transfer. But thats alright. Vila Aurea is a really hard area.  One of the hardest in the mission.  So my first transfer was awesome. Awful trainer, Awful area, and I've been sick pretty much the whole time. But oddly enough I don't hate my life. I feel like if I can deal with that a whole transfer than it can't get much worse.  Knock on wood

But I have learned a lot of portuguese.  Every once in a while someone catches me off guard with a phrase or a word but for the most part I am understanding.  So I definitely learned a lot this transfer if nothing else. I'm hoping for a better one next transfer.  Transfers are on the 22nd.  So this week. This will be my last email this transfer! And it sounds like I'm probably going to get a new trainer and hopefully a new area. But we'll see.

So sinus infection didn't go away. And Sister Cabral thinks it is turning into a sinus infection mixed with bronchitis which is great.  So I'm going to santos tomorrow to go to the doctor and find out whats wrong with me. Hopefully I can get some good antibiotics.  But for like the good stuff you have to pay here.

Also I think I'm getting a new name tag because no one can say Ransbottom here. The R makes an H sound in portuguese so its really confusing for them. I am soon to be Elder Chad. Thats a lot easier for them.  I'll keep you posted on that.  I think thats about all of the news for this week. Just wrapping this transfer up. Everybody gets pretty lazy toward the end of the transfer. But the little drug war is raging on so we can't go to half of our area anyways.

But yeah things are moving right along! I'm so grateful for you and everything you do!! Tell everybody hi! and tell dad to go wail on one of the electrics for me cause I'm missing that a lot right now.  Sometimes an acoustic just doesn't do it. And tell Dallin or Austin to learn how to play the drums cause somebody needs to play those.  And tell them while they are buying dirt bikes to start saving up for one for me.   Anyway tell everybody hi and have a good week. I love you! 

Elder Colton

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