Monday, September 8, 2014

Caminas Temple

     This week we went to the Campinas temple and it was way cool.  The sao paulo one is getting cleaned.  I like campinas it was nice to get out of the ghetto and see a little more of brasil.  Campinas was nice.  We got a new companion so now im in a trio.  I've been talking with a british accent when I speak english and everyone is in on it so he thinks I'm british.  Its pretty funny
     Not much else has happened.  Just studying and sleeping and eating.  Just wrapping up our time here at the mtc.  Time has flown.  I'm so stoked to get out of here.  It's nice and all but I've had enough.  Sorry not much to say right now but I'll have some good stories once I get out to the field.  Me and my district of nine elders has to sing at the devotional on sunday.  We're actually good.  Everyone in my district can sing its pretty  cool.  Sister hale the lady in charge of music heard us singing high school musical songs and told us she wanted us to sing.  So that should be interesting.
   But yeah Im just truckin along down here in ol brasil! things are good! I'll keep an eye out for that package when I get to o campo.  (thats portuguese for the field). Anyway glad to hear things are going good!! things are great here! tell everybody hi! I love you! talk to you next week!!
   Elder Ransbottom

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