Monday, September 8, 2014



       This week was super busy.  So on Tuesday we had hollanday (thats what we called it).  Elder holland came and spoke to us as a mission and we each got to shake his hand it was really cool.  He touched my hair and said hows that red hair?  I just said super rare here.  and he laughed.  I have another sinus infection so I needed to get ammoxcacillan or however you spell that and apparently all healthcare here is free.  I didnt pay for the doctor or the medicine.  It was great.  But their clinics and stuff are a joke so socialista medicine is a terrible idea.  Tell that to Obama if you run into him.
      We have taught a ton of lessons.  We went from no investigators to about 10 in a week and a half.  Its been busy.  Im picking up portuguese quite well because I dont really have any other choice.  I have given three blessings in portuguese so far.  The other day we were talking to some lady and showed her a bunch of stuff and taught her a bunch of stuff and set a baptism date right there.  It was funny.  But like a good kind of funny. 
      I am going to start teaching a guitar class on thursday nights at the church and I help teach an english class on saturdays.  I like that a lot.  The members here are awesome.  A lot of people have guitars here but dont know how to play them so I made a class.  My companions name is Macedo i dont know if i told you that.  He has minor autism so its kind of difficult.  I do most of the talking during lessons and stuff even though hes the brazilian.  It doesnt make any sense.  But its forcing me to learn the language quick so thats good. Our apartment is small but good.  It has two bedrooms one bathroom.  We have 4 elders living there.  Youll have to tell debbie our bathroom is the same setup as hers were.  Shock showers and all.  the shower and the bathroom are right by each other.
       Anyways I think thats about all of the News for this week.  Just moving right along here.  Super busy.  Its good though. I cant get pictures to work again.  Computers here suck so bad.  Ill try again next week.  I dont really have any interesting ones anyway.  Ill try and take more. But yeah if you can send me something for music for my birthday I would love that.   I can buy a speaker here if you cant get me one.  Just put any efy and classical music on there.  Like moonlight sonata and bachs cello suíte for sure. And bridge over troubled water by simon and Garfunkel. And just any church music that is good.  But things are going great!! I will talk to you next week I hope you have a great week! I love you! tell everyone hi!
     Love Elder Ransbottom

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