Monday, September 8, 2014

I Made It !!!!

     In case you missed the first letters we decided to post them as well, here you go from the beginning ............
     It's been a long time coming but I made it.  After the first plane ride we had like 6 minutes till the next one boarded so we just hurry and ate and I didn't have time to call you.  There was only one more elder going to Brazil from Salt Lake and then 7 or 8 more were at Atlanta.  The second flight was long and super boring.  We changed our money at the airport and then left for the MTC.  The MTC is nice but it's in the middle of the freakin ghetto.  I don't really have any funny stories yet.  Everything went smooth.  I haven't really slept yet but things are going good so far but I love you and I'll talk to you on Monday!
     Elder Ransbottom

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