Monday, September 8, 2014

Vila Area

     Its been a crazy week! Im using a brazilian keyboard so sorry if my grammar sucks. Also this is the first english i have written slash spoken in a while so bear with me.  Im glad things are going well. Ill just give you the rundown.  So there are parts of Santos that are really nice. nice beach nice houses etc. I am not in one of those places.  It is the straight up and down ghetto.  but our apartment is fine so im good with it.  The people here are reallly nice.  I had my first day of church in the field yesterday and everyone in the ward is so great.  They dont have hardly anything but they are just happy.  it blows my mind.  All of the houses are pretty much cement boxes with tile on the floor.  but everyone somehow has a flatscreen tv. There are some better homes around my area but for the most part its pretty rough.
     But I dont mind it here.  The people are great.  My area is called Vila Área. Right before I got here all of the missionaries were fubecas (bad missionaries) and they lost all of their investigators and for the most part its all farely new missionaries here.  So theres a lot of work to do but its alright its good to stay busy.  And we are busy. My companions name is elder macedo.  He is really cool.  He speaks some english but not very well.  We help each other learn.  I can understand almost everything people say to me I just dont have a huge vocabulary so im doing okay with the language. 
     But my favorite news of this week is one of the elders in my apartment has a guitar!! that was very exciting.  Also i found out we can have guitars.  I probably wont worry about it this transfer because we have one but Ill keep you posted.  That sucks that summer is over.  You can just write brazil on letters to me.  Just send them to the mission home.  I got your package!!  It got here safe and sound. I really appreciate everything.  Especially the abundance of my favorite candy.  I was missing those a lot.
     But yeah things are going good! There are very cool things happening out here.  The church is true.  You can make a blog.  Thats fine. Im gonna try and send some pictures this week.  As far as my birthday I know thats a ways out but could you send me like an mp3 player and pictures of the family? thats all i really want.  maybe some candy.  We have a nice washer but no dryer. Just clothes lines.  I live with one other companionship. One of the elders is a cousin of one of joy larsens grand daughters that I went to school with.  Small world.
     Im using a members computer and its taking forever to upload pictures so ill just have to send them next week or something sorry.  I hope that gives you a decent idea of my life right now. A wee bit hectic.  But good.  You were too good to me.  Im starting to figure out how good I had it back home.  I really appreciate everything you do.  I love you!! I hope you have a great week.  Tell everybody Hi and that I love them!! 

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