Monday, September 8, 2014

It always gets better!!!

     Things are just as busy as ever here! I cant believe its already P day again.  We have taught a ton of lessons this week and we just have a lot of investigators. We have baptism dates for 3 of them.  I really like emailing because I get sick of Portuguese.  Sorry if I write Portuguese things.  Its kind of taking over my brain.  But yeah things are good.  We have one investigator named Angelo who I honestly think we will never baptize cause hes stubborn but he likes us and keeps asking us to come back.  And hes cool so I'm having a hard time letting him go. We call people like him molly investigators because they just don't progress.

     I'm am picking up Portuguese really quickly.  I'm not trying to brag but I just look at the other kids who got here at the same time as me and they cant even understand me half the time because they don't speak enough.  I feel the lords hand in every single thing I do here.  I know he is helping me with the language more and more every day because it is very necessary that I know I to speak Portuguese right now.  The gift of tongues is very real.

     Nothing real exciting happened. Guitar lessons are way fun though.  We just choose a song to learn every week together and its always American because they love American music here.  There's one kid that has a lot of potential. Hopefully I can stay in this area for at least one more transfer and help them as much as I can.

     IT ALWAYS GETS BETTER.  That phrase is very true I learn that every day here on the mission.  But Yeah sorry I don't really have any cool stories or anything this week. Pretty straightforward.  Just trying to figure out Brasil.  Which I will probably never do. This is a weird country with a lot of problems but there are some awesome people here and that's all that matters.  I am doing good no serious problems. Just doing the best I can! Tell everybody I love them so much and I miss you guys! Time is flying and we are just super busy! I'm glad you finally got my letters.  Mail is a joke here.  I'll try and keep sending more. But I hope everybody has a great week!!

     2 scriptures you can look up Jude 1:22 just kind of explains why I'm here. I read that one the other day.  I really like that one.  And I think its Alma 4:27 I like that one too.  And Moroni 10 something. They're all just kind of about charity.  Those are good ones. Sorry I have a bunch written down I just don't have them with me.  I'll bring them next time.  Anyway have a great week!!!!!

Love Elder Ransbottom

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