Monday, September 8, 2014


     Hellooooo everything is good here! Nothing super exciting is happening. We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday but we went to the dudes house and he was smoking so maybe next week.  On Tuesday there was a huge shootout in one of the Favelas and we all had to go to our houses and hide. That was fun. We were pretty close when it started. So that was pretty scary.  Sorry mom I wasn´t going to tell you but that was like the only exciting thing that happened this week.  But apparently there is just kind of an ongoing war with the cops and the drug people here.  Brasil is great.

      Sorry I´m using a members computer and I forgot my camera so no pictures again.  Sorry I will try and send a bunch next week. But yeah pretty straightforward week.  Just walked around talking to brazilians about jesus.  In portuguese.  Just looking forward to this next transfer and crossing my fingers that I get a new trainer. I love the guy but he´s a wee bit worthless.  Oh well  I´m glad everyone is doing well. 

      Sorry this ones short this week but I will try and get some letters sent this week with a couple more details.  Im looking forward to that package! And yeah you can just send things to that address.  Tell dad to have fun at shutdown (hehe) tell him I´m heartbroken I´m not there. Anyways I hope everybody has a great week! 
Love Elder Ransbottom

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