Monday, October 6, 2014

I loveee this place!

       Surgery didnt happen. But Sister Cabral wouldnt let me email you guys. I had to get some blood work done and we will go there on quarta to find out how it went. Sorry she said she would email you guys but I thought she would tell you some details... But yeah surgery wont happen till hopefully this week or beginning of next week. But last week was good!! I loveee this place. Like it is sick. We walk along the beach everyday to get to our areas and its just sick.
     The work is kind of hard because the people are rich and not as humble. But the members are really awesome. They help us a ton. We get references pretty much everyday. So thats nice. Because references are pretty much the only way to teach people here. We have one favela that is on the other side of our area (our area is big so thats a long ways away.) We go there every once in a while. Mostly if we feel like teaching a lesson or getting some investigators because everybody lets you in in favelas cause they are just poor and humble.
      But I love this place. Sao Sebastiao is awesome. I hope I stay here for at least a couple of transfers. My companion is awesome too. His name is Elder C. Machado. Hes one of the funny brazilians. I decided theres pretty much only 2 types of brazilians: Funny awesome ones and freakin weird ones. So far I have had both for companions. I like the funny ones a lot better. Things are going great here. Dont stress about the surgery. Like its not that big of a deal he acts like it will be quick and not too big of a deal. But if I get it this week Ill let you know how it went on monday.
      But yeah things are great here! I am loving it! I got your package on friday! I was super excited. I love everything in it. Thank you The frog was a nice touch. Anyway I hope everyone is doing great! Have a great week! Love you!
Love Colton

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