Monday, October 13, 2014

Surgery done....

      This week was a little hectic. I ended up going to Santos for surgery so I took a 5 hour bus there and a 5 hour bus ride back so that wasnt super fun. Especially after. I was worn out but overall it was fine. I have stitches on one side of my mouth so I cant really eat very good. But I am managing. We didnt get a whole lot done this week.

      We only worked like one day cause we did a lot of running around. But we have 2 dates for baptisms on the 25th so hopefully those work out. But the other day we made a contact with some guy and he started telling us about his life and he is a recovering drug addict and a recovering alcoholic and he smokes like a chimney and to top it all off hes gay. Right after my companion said we will never get him to do anything. I took that as a challenge and we made a bet. We went back the next day and well lets just say he went to church with us yesterday. And Im 5 reais richer than I was before. But yeah nothing real exciting this week

     Other than surgery. Glad thats finally over with. Work here is pretty slow because everyone is pretty wealthy and they dont really want to listen to us. We have a favela in our area but we have another set of missionaries that go there for the most part so we basically just stay in this place closer to the beach where all of the rich people live.

      But we have a couple of investigators and things are going well with them. But yeah things are going good! Sorry its kind of short this week but not much to talk about.   But yeah things are going great! I hope everyone is doing well. Tell everybody hi!! I love you and have a great week! Love Colton

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